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Welcome to Supermarine Aircraft

Home to the only all aluminum 90% reproduction Spitfire in the world.

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Ph: (254) 442-1800

Fax: (254) 442-1807

Supermarine Aircraft Kits

Supermarine Aircraft has been in business for the last 17 years selling our Spitfire kits. Over the past 7 years, we have sold engines and developed our own, higher quality, re-drive system for better engine performance. Our Spitfires are sold and flying all over the world. There are Supermarine Spitfire reproduction kits currently flying in Australia, USA, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, South Africa, and Canada:)


Throughout the last 17 years, millions of dollars have been spent on research and development to come up with a product that is safe and is a world leader in quality and innovation, but most of all a joy to fly.

Supermarine Aircraft Kits come with color manuals. 1
All components are prefabricated.
Main Spar fabricated and assembled.
Wing Spars fabricated and assembled.
All control surfaces fabricated and assembled.
All hardware is of aircraft grade (nuts bolts rivets).




All completed components are corrosion protected.
Fuselage shell is completely ready for fit out.
The wings are predrilled and disassembled for flat packing.
Hydraulic undercarriage legs include alloy wheels and disc brakes.

Michael (Mike) O’Sullivan’s Supermarine Aircraft Factory officially SMAbegan its life in the kit aircraft manufacturing business in 1995, although the original idea is much older. The Mk26 and Mk26b are now well proven designs with all aluminum components pre-drilled and precision cut using a computer controlled CNC router cutter. This keeps parts standards consistent and accurate, a far cry from the original Spitfires construction methods. The main structural sections of the aircraft are pre-built in factory jigs thus ensuring the highest possible accuracy of these critical components. The method of construction is aimed at the average person who is good with their hands.