Contributers to the Legend


In Memory of

Alex Henshaw

November 1912 -February 2007

Thank you for your enthusiasm, support, and motivation for us in designing the spitfires.

"You've done, for all the people that flew and worked with them a service, in that Spitfire is still going to live"


Leisa Ward

Leisa has taken several of the pictures used on our webpage and for this we thank you.


Bill Gunn

Bill Gunn has written several articles over the Spifire Aircraft. Bill is an ATP, CFII, aviation writer, and Spitfire enthusiast. Bill lives and writes in Austin Texas.


Tim Peevy

Tim Peevy is currently enrolled in college with a major in athletic training, but he also has a love for computers, graphic designing, and webmastering. Tim is the designer of our current website, and also designs our posters, and stickers.





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