Supermarine Aircraft Crew



Mike O'Sullivan


Mike is the driving force behind Supermarine aircraft and using his broad knowledge of engineering and designing has brought this Spitfire project to life. He is wholely and solely responsible for its original design and subsequent kit manufacture and is never far from the day to day operations of the factory often up to his elbows in the manufacture of the kits or any other facet of the Spitfires production.


Chad Faykus

Workshop Manager

Sheetmetal work and engineering technician, parts fabrication, CNC machine operator of automatic router and cutting of parts, machining and welding, aircraft assembly production and packing of components for export shipments. Chad can turn his hand to all aspects of Spitfire production and runs a very tight ship.


Kathy Redford-Walton


Our office security blanket, Kathy takes care of our general e-mails, supply ordering, shipping and everything else that needs to be done to keep this place a happy one.


Justin Smith




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