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For the past eight months the supermarine crew have been working between the production of our spitfire kits, engine packages and the latest company demonstration aircraft. The latest MK26B 90% spitfire (WDM) to roll out the supermarine factory has been equipped with the Supermarine LS2 V8 engine package and an MT 80 inch electric constant speed propeller which has been custom made to suit our engine and kit packages. Both maximize performance and handling. WDM is also armed with underwing radiators, new easy fit wetwing tanks, dual controls (stick, rudder and throttle), auto pilot and replica cannons.

Here is a small insight into the building process taken for this aircraft.

Fuse is still fitted to original jig with skins rivited in place. making it much easier to install main spare and start center section assembly.

Torque boxes, Rudder pedals and seat assembly is installed.


Bottom center section skins rivited and legs fitted, also fuel and radiator lines fitted

Brakes and rudder controls fitted.

Leg and Flap motors installed and set up with limit switches

Dual joysticks installed and setup

All jigging is removed and the last of the fuse skins are put in place and the airframe is moved into a larger space where work begins on the wings.

Before the wings are rivited all Pitot(port side)and fuel lines are put in place and fuel tanks are fitted

Wings are carefully rivited and work begins on the instrument panel

Installation of our LS2 V8 engine/reduction drive package.

Rudder, Fin, Elevator are fitted and all engine plumbing is connected

Cowls and MT propeller fitted

Prep work completed and painting started

Paint finished with decals.











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